Dear friends and colleagues!

We are glad to announce the start of registration for the 8th International Congress on Energy Fluxes and Radiation Effects (EFRE) to be held in October 2–8, 2022, in Tomsk, Russia.

We hope that the epidemiological situation in the world will get much better and our meeting will have its usual face to face format. Anyway, we’ll do our best to provide fruitful communication at the Congress.

The Congress will traditionally host four international events:

It will be a good platform for researchers to discuss a wide range of scientific, engineering, and technical problems in the fields of pulsed power technologies; ion and electron beams; high power microwaves; plasma and particle beam sources; modification of material properties; pulsed power applications in chemistry, biology, and medicine; physical and chemical nonlinear processes excited in inorganic dielectrics by particle and photon beams; physical principles of radiation-related and additive technologies; self-propagating high-temperature synthesis; and combustion waves in heterogeneous systems, synchrotron and neutron research

We look forward to your participation in the Congress and hope that your stay and all scientific and cultural events in Tomsk will be fruitful, enjoyable, and memorable.

The official language of EFRE 2022 is English.

Sincerely yours,
Chairman of Local Organizing Committee
Dr. Maxim Vorobyov

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